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Easy as Pie

This will be the easiest fundraiser you have ever managed. Super easy and simple for your participants/donors to do. You won’t find magazines, gift wrapping paper, popcorn, cookie dough or chocolates here. This fundraiser does double duty! Earn your organization the funds it needs AND help others by teaching them how to switch out harmful toxins they use in their homes to much healthier – greener alternatives.


label Raise

I’m donating part of my commission toward your cause. That’s right, it is about giving back within our communities. I also happen to feel pretty strongly that every home can benefit from having essential oils. This type of fundraiser has the family in mind. It will benefit your donor/participant directly and allocate a contribution of $15-$25 to your cause with each qualifying purchase. It is a WIN/WIN!

You can set up a campaign with me here.

Social Fundraiser

This is a social-fundraiser.  My team will provide you with a PDF flyer for you to print out and hand out to your donors. Donors will make all of their purchases through my personal Distributor ID# 3570756, Elizabeth Lewis. With their qualifying purchase, each donor will also get FREE access to my team’s private membership site; all information will be emailed to them. My office will also set up a unique page for your fundraiser on this site for you to send to all of your donors. Your fundraiser will also be hosted on our Business Facebook page to boost your sales. The link to the Facebook event will be provided on your unique fundraiser page on this site.